50 before 50…

Lots of conversations these days with friends from my age group about the fast-approaching decade: our 50s.  In lieu of a mid-life crisis, we thought maybe challenging ourselves to complete 50 goals before turning 50 might be a constructive exercise.  (Frankly, my first goal should be to come up with 50 goals–that’s a lot).  So… here goes:

1.  Have at least 6 months income in savings.  Ok. Towards that end, I set up a savings account with direct deposit out of my paycheck.

2. Own my own condo.

3. Travel to S. Korea.–DONE (and will do again).

4. Drop the extra weight.  Working on this with a friend using FitBit technology as incentive and under doctor’s supervision.  Weight going down!

5. Take a photography class.

6. Pay off student loans.

7. Complete all the levels of Super Mario Bros.–DONE

8. Run 2 miles without stopping or dying.

9. Travel to Japan.–DONE

10. Have a dining room table that 6 people can sit at comfortably.

11. Learn to play the violin well enough to play songs from the hymnal.  Got the violin, music stand, books, DVD, etc.  Now to get to practicing!

12. Learn to sleep unaided.  Starting by setting a more consistent bedtime.  Been sleeping unaided since 1/13.

13. Wean off of Diet Coke.  Starting by limiting myself to having one a day, only at work.  Will wean more later.  Ok. Last diet coke this morning.  Going cold turkey as of now.

14. Get a Thai massage.

15. Learn how to calculate ROI.

16. Help my Dad organize his wood shop.–DONE

17. Reduce my library by 1/3. –DONE

18. Travel to India.

19. Write a book of Prayers.–DONE

20. Avoid diabetes.

21. Write 400 blog posts.  Going for one post a week.

22. Get a hot stone massage.  It was lovely.

23. Create photo portfolio.

24. Submit photos in an art show.

25. Be promoted to Director.

26. Fit in a size 14.

27. Have nice personalized stationary.  Purchased a set.

28.  Use budget software to track and manage expenses. Purchased software and set it up and have entered budget information.

29. Do not pay for TV. Cancelled all ‘extra’ channels.  The basics are included in my rent.

30. Incorporate more music in my life.  Bought a tiny stereo with high quality sound that can play CDs and connect to my iPod.  Signed up for a music based newsletter which will inform me of local concerts.

31. Visit Alaska.

32. Clear all my ‘stuff’ out of mom and dad’s.–DONE

33. Never have a TV in the bedroom.–DONE

34. Donate the clothes I haven’t worn in >1 year.

35. Donate the shoes I don’t wear.

36. Practice the rule of “if you buy 1 clothing item, you donate 1 clothing item”.

37. Drive the New England coast.

38. Visit New Orleans.

39. Take mom on a fun trip.–DONE

40. Go paperless on bills/finances.  —DONE

41. Live without any cardboard boxes full of old ‘mystery’ stuff that I’ve moved without unpacking.–DONE

42. Eliminate the junk drawer.

43. Store nothing under the bed.–DONE

44. Read the works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky

45. Practice purchasing ONLY eBooks.–DONE

46. Take a cooking class.

47. Digitalize all photo albums and get rid of the bulky albums.

48. Back up all my digital files using a cloud service.  Using Carbonite.  Works well.

49.  Learn to write every day.

50. Take a yoga class.


2 thoughts on “50 before 50…

  1. Marilyn says:

    Love this so much! Wish I had done it!


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