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April 18, 2014–‘Good’ Friday

Today I mourn.

I grieve for all those who have been unjustly accused;
unjustly prosecuted;
unjustly punished;
unjustly killed.

I pray for those I know who are perpetually put in these unjust situations.
I pray for my Latina/o friends,
my African-American friends,
my poor friends,
my gay friends
–for all my friends who are ‘suspect’.

I repent of participation in systems of such abuse.
God forgive me.
God forgive us.

Open our eyes!
Open our ears!
Open our hearts!

Teach us to be different.
And to love difference.


A first for my alma mater

I am delighted to hear that Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary has elected Dr. Lallene Rector to be President.  She will serve as the first woman and the first lay-person to do so.

Dr. Lallene Rector, first woman and layperson to be elected President of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL.

Dr. Lallene Rector

Good things are coming for the school, and for the Methodist Church!

She has personally been a friend and a mentor to me.  Raising a glass to you, Lallene!

See this link for the full announcement: Dr. Lallene Rector

Excellent, thought-provoking piece.

Nü MethoFesto


Food pantries seem to be the cause du jour of United Methodist Churches. Everywhere I go, I hear about feeding projects in our local congregations.

First, let me say that I am thrilled to hear this! This is one of the most practical ways that local churches can be in ministry in their communities. There are, of course, good and bad ways to run food pantries, but in general, I am always happy to hear about churches turning their focus outward.

But almost immediately, I am also overcome by another, more daunting thought. Why are food pantries suddenly necessary? Why are so many children going hungry in this country?

When we turn to these types of questions, we begin to engage Biblical justice issues.

Feeding people is a vital ministry of any faith community. We cannot ignore the physical and immediate needs of those around us. But these are fundamentally…

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KUDOS to Apple/Mac

I recently bought an Apple product and was delighted to learn that in ‘exchange’ for the purchase, they will recycle my old computer.  Now my old computer is a piece of junk: a 17 year old 8.5 lbs laptop which no longer will turn on.  It is not an Apple product.  I phoned and they said it was fine… send it in.  So all I had to do was take it to FedEx and they shipped it off for free.

Finding a place to recycle the old machine was a trial in the city, as I don’t have a car and most locations were not located near train/bus stops.  I want to dispose of my electronics in an environmentally responsible manner. This is perfect.

KUDOS to Apple for this much needed service.  Much appreciated!

Thank you, Apple!

Thank you, Apple!


I’ve been on hiatus the last 3 months from writing, largely because of a significant abdominal surgery.  I’d thought maybe I’d take the convalescence time to write, but alas t’was spent actually convalescing.  However, my intention is to resume writing on a regular basis.  Just a word of explanation for the silence…