season of temptation
tantalized with the forbidden
(though self-imposed)
limitations force the hidden
into view

at worst little more than a mind-fuck
creating obsession where thoughtlessness prevailed
frustration out of abundance
desire replacing the carefree

foibles exposed by preoccupation
freighted with shame
this is good?

give up…

season of seduction
enchanted by abundance
toy around the edges of the holy
enticed to consider others

at best faults are a reminder:
tempting me towards forgiveness
to fool around with fidelity
to eat at the table unworthily

to be allured by the divine temptress
to laugh and levitate relations
to lace with love; garnish with grace
this is good.

give in…

you know you wanna…


2 thoughts on “Lent…

  1. Written after reflecting on Larry Greenfield’s sermon last Sunday.

  2. bob says:

    Really great! Write more poems. This reminds me of Doris Grumbach’s book: The Presence of Absence.


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