KUDOS to Apple/Mac

I recently bought an Apple product and was delighted to learn that in ‘exchange’ for the purchase, they will recycle my old computer.  Now my old computer is a piece of junk: a 17 year old 8.5 lbs laptop which no longer will turn on.  It is not an Apple product.  I phoned and they said it was fine… send it in.  So all I had to do was take it to FedEx and they shipped it off for free.

Finding a place to recycle the old machine was a trial in the city, as I don’t have a car and most locations were not located near train/bus stops.  I want to dispose of my electronics in an environmentally responsible manner. This is perfect.

KUDOS to Apple for this much needed service.  Much appreciated!

Thank you, Apple!

Thank you, Apple!



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